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The Digital Sandbox has been launched by the FCA and the City of London Corporation. It provides innovators with access to a suite of tools to collaborate and develop financial services Proofs of Concept.

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Find out about the 28 teams that will participate in the Digital Sandbox Pilot to test and develop innovative products and services in response to challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In its pilot stage, the Digital Sandbox welcomed 28 organisations that helped to solve challenges exacerbated by the pandemic. We published an evaluation report setting out the findings of the pilot, including how it accelerated the development of innovative products and solutions within financial services, as well as key lessons learned from the pilot phase.

  1. Genuine innovation – is the solution significantly different from what already exists in the market?
  2. In scope – Will the solution benefit UK consumers of financial services firms by solving one of the use cases?
  3. Need for a Digital Sandbox – Does the solution require the features of the digital sandbox features to be developed or improved?
  4. Testing – Does the solution have defined development objectives with a pathway to production?

Building on the pilot's success, the FCA and The City of London Corporation are running a second phase of the Digital Sandbox to support the testing and development of new products and services that will aid the transition to a net zero economy. This phase includes a Sustainability Cohort, focussed on challenges with ESG data and disclosures.

12 organisations have been selected to participate in this Cohort and will work in the Sandbox from November 2021 to March 2022.

Firms or individuals who are not testing or developing a solution in the pilot but who want to observe, offer their expertise or potentially be involved with a team, can register an account by clicking ‘Register now’.


Participants have access to:

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Access financial data sets to develop, test and train models and PoCs.

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Innovation Ecosystem

Collaborate with a network of innovators, regulators, financial services firms and investors.

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API Marketplace

Access, connect and test with a catalogue of existing FinTech and RegTech APIs.

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Access to an Integrated Development Environment for code development and data analytics.

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Showcase Space

A platform to demonstrate the solution you have developed to the financial services community.

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Covid19 Use Cases

In collaboration with the industry, we have published Covid19 use cases for innovators to tackle.

Check out the features page for a breakdown of the available features, including a technical overview of the synthetic data assets.

Sustainability Cohort

Building on our lessons learned from the pilot, we are running a second phase of the initiative focussed on providing support to innovators looking to develop and validate solutions in the area of ESG data and disclosure. 12 organisations will explore solutions to address the following use cases:

  • How can technology enable transparency in disclosure and reporting on sustainability, especially on the characteristics of corporate assets and the profile of their supply chains? (e.g. open source and eco-friendly decentralised ledgers, centralised platforms)
  • How can technology be used to automate the assurance of a listed issuer’s ESG data and validation of its ESG-labelled corporate bond issuance? (e.g. IoT, decentralised ledgers, centralised platforms, satellite imaging, AI)
  • How can technology help consumers understand the ESG characteristics of the products and providers they engage with, as well as provide visibility around alternatives aligned with their needs and preferences?

In order to apply, applicants will need to have an idea/concept aimed at tackling one of these focus areas.

The cohort will support teams looking to address these use cases. More details can be found by registering to our platform and exploring the event.

Transparency of sustainability reporting on supply chains
Automating and validating ESG data
Improving consumer understanding of product's ESG characteristics

Get Involved

The Sustainability Cohort will run from November 2021 to March 2022.

Industry engagement and involvement will be key to the success of this initiative. We are seeking input from organisations with an interest in the topic of ESG data and disclosures to form part of the Digital Sandbox ecosystem during this second phase and act as observers, mentors, or collaborators.  This includes established market players, potential end-consumers of the products being developed, sustainability experts, investors and others who may be able to provide guidance and expertise to the participating firms.

We are also seeking guidance from data experts in identifying useful real data or creating synthetic data sets for the participants to test and train their models.

If you would like to get involved please register above or contact us at

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  • Test, develop, and build proofs of concept in the sandbox
  • Collaborate with and showcase your concept to the community

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